At Work, Home or On The Go

There are literally hundreds of ways to listen to That Christmas Channel, whether you are at work, home or on the go. Check out the many ways to listen below. Please email us if you any any questions about connecting, or follow us on Facebook here and stay up to date on the very latest methods of listening.

Keep us on at work to keep you company and give you a little lift! Of course we are available here on our site, just click the Listen Live button above and open our our web player which is compatible with any web browser.

Live365 Web and App

We're prominently featured on the Live365 platform. Just search for That Christmas Channel.

TuneIn Radio

Our partners at TuneIn radio make it simple to listen to That Christmas Channel on just about every device known. Just search for "That Christmas Channel" when you are on TuneIn Radio and mark us as a favorite.

Countdown to Christmas





Ways to Listen

No matter the device, you can find That Christmas Channel easily, either manually or voice activated.

Smart Speakers

Ask Alexa or Google or Siri to play "That Christmas Channel." If there is any confusion, you might try adding "From Tune In" or "From Live Three Sixty Five" or "From My Tuner Radio" after That Christmas Channel. Christmas is a popular word! Try speaking slowly and clearly.

Sound systems and Smart TVs

You can find That Christmas Channel via Apple Music, Roku Sonos, Grace Reciva and other high quality home sound systems. Just look for us on any of the popular online radio directories. Listen to That Christmas Channel on your Smart TV with the TuneIn radio or Apple Music app.

Cast to Bluetooth Speakers

With your Bluetooth mobile device or personal computer, your can cast That Christmas Channel to any Bluetooth enabled speaker system. Turn us on when you are enjoying your outdoor spaces at home with your Bluetooth system.

Listen On The Go

That Christmas Channel is mobile world-wide!

In The Car

Listen via your mobile device connected to your car audio system. We work with every connection when you listen with your mobile device. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, UConnect, Echo Auto, SYNC, My Link and more, all using the TuneIn Radio app, Live365 app or Alexa Skill for That Christmas Channel.

Your Mobile Network Device

We're also available on just about every streaming directory known, and if we're not on one, let us know! Connect your mobile device to your audio system via a myriad of ways. The most popular is via Bluetooth audio paired with your audio system and device, but some mobile devices and audio systems still support Aux port connections.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Your mobile device paired with a Bluetooth spreaker unit (many are wireless) makes any event a That Christmas Channel event indoor or outdoor.